Artur Cieślar is a Polish writer, art painter, photographer, interior designer. He was born in 1967 in Świnoujście where he graduated from Prince Mieszko I High School having specialised in the humanities subjects. Cieślar earned an MA in Roman philology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He has been studying art painting since 2015 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Open Academy) in the atelier of professor Stanisław Baj. In the same year he showed his paintings for the first time at an individual exhibition titled „Marabuart” in the Domoteka Gallery in Warsaw. Artur is the author of such books as "Metaphysical Woman", "Black Cat in the Night", "Mysterious Easter Island", "East and West. Encounters", "Metamusical Woman", "Apple Tree in the Garden" (an extended interview with Małgorzata Braunek), "Life Is a Journey, It Is the Ocean" (a conversation with Julia Hartwig), "Letters to Małgosia".

Though Cieślar believes that the photographed and described world dies more slowly, painting is an equally important way of expression to him. His birds – marabous, shoebills and other animals constitute a metaphor of a human being.
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